Our story

The Kaboka Riding Stable is one of Hungarys most renowned riding and recreational centers. It is run by the family Varga consisting of Josef and Edit and the three sons Peter (tourism), Balazs (show-jumping) and Attila (veterinarian).


The parents have always had a love for horses and this straight went down to the sons who are continuing this family tradition. Balazs is a professional show-jumper and a member of the Hungarian National Showjumping Team.

balazs bp arena 2008

The family started the riding stable in 1998 which also serves as our home. Through the years we have continuously developed the facilities which now offer a wide range of riding and recreational possibilities. Please take a tour on our facilities page and gallery!

Our motto

Kaboka Riding Stables is the best place for your active holiday, we keep you in shape!

It is our home and the stable for our horses


Varga Jozsef and Horvath Edit our parents

Both parents had finished studies at an agricultural university, my Dad close to Budapest at Godollo, while my Mother at Keszthely next to Lake Balaton. A couple years after their studies, they both had started working in Enying, for the collective state farm (under the socialist era). Here they got to know each other, and got married. Besides their work in the collective farm (Josef worked with pigs, while Edit were in the accountancy), they always kept some pigs at home as a little private business (at that time it was not allowed to have significant private property) in our house, which brought some extra money to the family table.

Their life had changed a lot, when they got the chance to rent a big state owned farm in Palmajor. They both left the collective to work for their own and raised yearly around 6 000 - 7 000 pigs. These were not easy years they had to work hard each day, (no weekends! free) to run the farm, but it was a profitable business in those years.

Unfortunately during the privatisation process after the democratic change in 1989, somebody else got the renting right of the farm, so they had to move out. Not far away from Palmajor, in Matyasdomb they could buy an older hog farm from the village and here they had started again. After a couple succesful years they had to close the farm, because the price of meat fell rapidly and has not yet truly recovered since then. We still own this farm and are just about to reopen it again, hoping for better years to come for pig meat prices.

Parallel with the pig farm the parents have bought and rented around 600 hectares of land, which creates the basis for our living. Father, Josef and our youngest brother Balazs are responsible for the agriculture and even though we have seen rapsodic changes in cereal prices it makes still enough money to back up our greatest hobby: horses.

Still to come, the rest of the family!