You find our contact information on this page. First I list all the relevant date from our companies and after the family information.

Kaboka Kft

Profile: agriculture, tourism, breeding, competition

Address: H-8130 Enying, Toth Arpad u 2
EU Taxnumber: HU 11106375
IBAN Bank Account Number: HU96117360752000373700000000
Tel/fax: +36-22-373-743
Mobile: +36-30-291-9110 (Varga Peter) and +36-30-30-9468-716 (Varga Jozsef)

Horvath Edit

Profile: Agriculture and tourism

Address: H-8130 Enying, Kabokapuszta
EU Taxnumber: HU 46451130
IBAN Bank Account Number: HU50578002841000800900000000
Tel/fax: +36-22-373-743
Mobile: +36-30-291-9110 (Varga Peter) and +36-30-916-7210 (Horvath Edit)
E-mail: and

Here are the contacts of all family members:

Name Phone E-mail Occupation
Peter Varga +36-30-291-9110 Tourism, speaks English and German
Aniko Fogarasi +36-30-746-1544 Tourism, speaks English and Serbian
Dr Attila Varga +36-30-288-3553 Veterinerian, speaks Swedish, Norvegian, English, German
Balazs Varga +36-30-316-4808 Farmer, professional rider
Jozsef Varga +36-30-946-8716 none Farmer, Breeder
Edit Horvath +36-30-916-7210 Tourismus, farming, breeding and accountant
Our Adress is the same for all of us: H-8130 Enying, Toth Arpad u 2, Hungary

Our motto

Kaboka Riding Stables is the best place for your active holiday, we keep you in shape!

It is our home and the stable for our horses


The family

Varga Peter
Fogarasi Anikó
Varga Nora
Varga Péter
Fogarasi Anikó
Varga Nóra
Varga Kata
Varga Jozsef
Horváth Edit
Varga Kata
Varga József
Horváth Edit
Dr Varga Attila
Varga Balazs
Dr Varga Attila
Varga Balázs